Through researching better ways to design novels for a visual audience, this project presents Charlotte Brontë’s Jane Eyre in a way that is more visually engaging for teenage and adult readers. Color, imagery, and display text are used to enhance the content while added footnotes provide context for the novel’s more archaic language. "Designing Novels for a Visual Audience" encourages others to value the content and artistic qualities of literature.
This project is featured in the SUNY New Paltz Graphic Design BFA Thesis Show:

Full book redesign via

Font and color choice were important considerations in this redesign. I wanted both to reflect
the content in subtle ways so that they don't disrupt the text. 
Body type: Athelas Regular, designed by Veronika Burian and José Scaglione
and inspired by British classic literature.
Display type: ITC Souvenir STD Bold and Regular, originally designed by Morris Fuller Benton
and influenced by the Arts and Crafts movement.
Left aligned text was used over justified text to appear more organic and comfortable to the reader.
Color scheme: Colors reflect the personalities and behaviors of the characters,
changing as they develop throughout the story.

Process book  for the creation of this project

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